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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Sex and Video games pt.2

Its been awhile since the last time that Rachel and I have posted something on this site, and promise that we will update our blog as much as possible with our experiences and pictures. But In this post we wanted to share with everyone on what happened the other night.
It was a typical Monday night at our house, playing video games and talking to our swap partners Brett and Alisha from Sexxxcapades. As we were playing video games I looked over across the couch and I could see Rachel was starting to rub her self. She tends to like to distract me sometimes, and this time it really worked. I just kind of laughed it off and a few min later I looked back over and she was started to rub her sweet little pussy. This was such a big turn on for me. I love watching Rachel tease and play with her self.
After teasing me with her playing with her self she decided that she wanted to play video games with Brett, so I gladly handed over the controller and the head set. My cock was still hard from watching her so I thought that I would return the favor and start distracting her while she was playing the game.
I got over on the floor and started kissing her thighs and started working my way up towards her waiting pussy. I started to kiss and lick her pussy through her black panties that she was wearing, I could hear her starting to moan just a little. after a few min of teasing her pussy I had to get a full taste of it. I pulled those little panties right off and immediately went face first right into her soaking wet pussy.
I could feel her juices run right down my chin. With each stroke of my tongue on her clit, her moans were getting louder and louder.
It was such a big turn on for me knowing that other people could here us and could obviously tell what we were doing. But eventually we lost our internet connection and everything came to a hault for a few min.
A few min later Rachel was still laying on the couch and I just loved the way that she looked laying there rubbing her wet pussy. I went back over to the couch and she immediately grabbed my hard throbbing cock and put it right into her mouth.
Rachels blow jobs are really amazing. She really worked my cock good by stroking and deep throating it. I love it when she does that and spits all over it. I think that is so hot.
After a few min of her sucking my cock I couldnt take it anymore, I had to slip my dick right into her. I lifted her legs right over my shoulder and started pounding her as she was screaming "harder, harder" so I did what was on command as my balls were slapping her ass.
After a few minutes of fucking her I went back down on her and started licking her swollen clit, as she gobbled my cock right up again. We thought that we were going to break the couch cause we were fucking so hard that we decided to go into the bedroom.
When we got into the bedroom I asked if I could the butt plug in her. Without hesitation she immediately said yes. I lubbed it up and gently slid it into her hot ass. Her moan was so loud that I thought she was going to wake the neighbors up. When it was all the way in I slid my cock right into her pussy, It felt so fucking amazing. I was thrusting I was also sliding the butt plug in and out of her. I dont think that I ever heard her moan so loud.
I wanted to change positions so we went to my favorite doggy style. I can bury my cock deep inside her when we do this. As I was fucking her from behind I began to slide the plug again in and out and my ball were slapping her wet pussy. She began to rub her pussy and within a min of doing that she immediately came all over my cock.
But I wasnt done yet. I pullled the plug out and started pounding her pussy, It felt fucking amazing as she was screaming and talking dirty to me. she was screaming "fuck that pussy!!!". Within a few min she was screaming for me to cum inside her pussy and without hesitation I did. I buried my cock so deep inside her and blew probably one of the biggest loads I have ever had right inside her.
After we were done I tried to stand up and almost fell over. I felt all light headed and dizzy so I knew that it was a good orgasm. The same thing went for Rachel I heard her grab for the wall when she stood up.
After everything was done it was about 2 AM and I had to be to work for 6:30. Needless to say I was a little tired the next day but it was fucking worth it.

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  1. I can confirm some of this as I was playing video games with Rachel as she started moaning louder and louder. Definitely got my dick hard!