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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

What a Crazy Night with Brett and Alisha

Ok, we know that it has been a while since our last story, but boy do we have a good one for you.

The other night we went over to Brett and Alisha's house. We were all sitting in Bretts man cave when Rachel decided to play a game called "Clothing for Clothing". So we went all around the room each person taking off a article of clothing. Come to find out that Rachel had a special pair of pajamas on underneath for Brett and Alisha. After everyone was pretty much naked we decided to play Truth or Dare on Alisha's Ipod.
It was kind of corny and fun at the same time. so After a while of playing Alisha was sitting on Evans lap and began to rub her back. Before long they were both making out and encouraged Rachel and Brett to do the same.

Rachels side:

After a few min of this we all decided to share the bed. This is where things really became interesting. So Brett and I where on the right side of the bed making out and Alisha and Evan on the left side. After a min of making out and kissing each others necks and such, Brett slid him hand up my shirt and was groping my breast. A few mins later he slid his hand down to my wet and waiting pussy. My clit was so hard because I knew he was going to go down on me !! Just as I suspected, he did, my pussy was soaking wet soon my moans got louder and louder. Before I knew it I had to cum and wanted to be fucked. So Brett stood up and I began to suck his hard cock after a little while he grabbed a condom and began to fuck me! I felt his hard cock go in and out of my waiting pussy. After we finished I came over and joined Evan and Alisha I began to rub her clit while Evan was fucking her. A little while later I was going down on Alisha as Brett and Evan watched. I am not very experienced but have done it a few times before. Shortly after that Brett began fingering me again at the same time as Alisha, While he was fingering me I was rubbing my hard clit then Evan came back into the picture and was fucking Alisha. Brett had gone down on me again I wasn't sure if I would be able to get off again but my pussy was still soaking wet and again he had me screaming and squirming. Shortly after that Evan began to fuck me with my legs held high up in the air so he could fuck me really hard. As this was all happening Alisha was rubbing my hard clit although I wasn't about to cum a 3rd time we had a great night !!!!

Evans Side:

So Alisha and I were laying next to Brett and Rachel. We began by kissing and my hands slowly making it up her shirt. Her nipples were so hard. I immediatley pulled off her shirt and began sucking on her tits. Before long my wandering hands made it down to her soaking wet pussy. I slid my hand right between her her legs and parted her pussy. My fingers found her hard clit immediately.
It wasn't long before I made my way down. I buried my face right into her pussy. Flicking and sucking on her clit. Her moans were getting louder and louder. I then went back up and started kissing her again.
I asked her if she would kiss my beautiful wife and with out hesitation agreed to it.
As Alisha and Rachel were making out I could feel Alisha's hands wandering down to my rock hard cock. She began jerking me harder and faster. I watched as Rachel began to finger Alisha. It was the hottest thing ever.
After a few min of them kissing and making out we all decided to fuck. I put a condom on and bent Alisha right over. Thrusting my hard cock into her faster and faster I could hear Rachel telling me to "FUCK HER PUSSY". As I was fucking Alisha I couldn't help but to look over and watch Brett fucking Rachel. It is such a huge turn on for me to watch him fuck her.
After Brett and Rachel were done they came over and played with Alisha and I. Rachel without hesitation began to rub Alisha's clit again as I was fucking her missionary. Before long I could not take it any more and I had to blow my huge load.
I turned my back for a second and I could see Rachel going down on Alisha. This immediatley my cock hard again. I then had to bend my wife over. After a few min of this Rachel was able to make Alisha cum and squirm all over.
Not lot long after that round 2 happened and Brett, and Rachel were able to get off again. I don't think that ive seen Rachel get off that many times in a row.
It was such a good fucking night. We also made videos of that evening, but sorry that is for our own viewing pleasure lol.
the girls also just ordered a toy that the both of them could use on each other, so please keep checking to see what kind of shananagans happen next.

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  1. Definitely was a fun fuckfest for sure! Can't wait for the next opportunity! This was things most people only fantasize about! Thanks for a great night!