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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Friday Night Show

Last Friday Rachel and I were at Brett and Alisha's as we normally do. We went out to dinner and then went back to there place where we had a couple of drinks. Through out the whole night Rachel kept on "cock swiping" me, which is always a good sign.
Brett had a x-box league game and we were watching him play. Rachel came over and sat on my lap and began to tease me. I then said to her "don't start what you can't finish. And with those words Brett and Alisha wanted a show. They dared me to fuck Rachel because they know that I am quiet and kind of shy. But give me a couple drinks Im a different guy lol.
But anyway I quickly pulled Rachel's pants down and started licking her pussy while she was standing up. She was instantly wet and instantly hopped on my hard throbbing cock. She started riding me on Brett's recliner. It was a little uncomfortable and Alisha then offered her spot on the couch.
Rachel and I took her off and I bent Rachel over and started pounding her soaked pussy with my cock. Rachel loves it when I fuck her doggy style. As I was fucking her harder and harder her moans were getting louder and louder. It felt so fucking good and having Brett and Alisha there watching us just heightened the experience even more.
After a while of fucking her doggy we then switched to missionary. I kept teasing Rachel with my cock by putting in my cock and then pulling it out quickly. This always makes Rachel squirm. After a few minutes of this I wanted to taste Rachel again.
Rachels pussy was so wet. With each and every flick of my tongue on her hard clit she kept breathing heavier and heavier. and before long I could feel her body tighten right up and squirm with pleasure as she came with my face buried in her pussy.
It was a fun night and is never a boring time when we are with Brett and Alisa. Im pretty sure that the enjoyed the show cause they kept looking over with big grins on there faces.
Hopefully soon we will all get together again for some more "FUN".

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  1. Im so jealous oh what u guys have, we hope to find another couple like that someday. You guys are very lucky. I love reading about the 4 of you! C-Man