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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sex and Video games

Alright I figured it was time for us to write another blog post. The Other night was quite a treat for me. I got what every video game player wants. I was playing my xbox when Rachel decided that she wanted a little action.
Rachel came over next to me and immediately ripped my pants off from me and started sucking on my cock. I was in the middle of a game but was not resisting. Before I knew it she was taking my whole cock in her mouth deep into her throat. I love it when she does this, its such a big turn on for me. As she was teasing my cock with her soft warm lips and getting my cock nice and wet, she jumped right on top of me and started riding me super hard cock.
I was having a hard time trying to do two things at once so i put down my controller and grabbed her ass and started fucking her super wet pussy. I could not believe how wet she was, and that she was fucking me while I was playing video games.
After a while of her riding me she got up and turned around and stated fucking me reverse cowgirl. I love this position. I love the fact that I can watch my cock slide in and out of her and grab and play with her ass at the same time. As she was fucking me I told her to keep rubbing her pussy, I love to feel her cum all on my hard cock.
She got up and immediately went for her little vibrator that I got her, and placed that right on her hard clit. I love the vibrating feel of her using that on her clit on my cock, it gets me harder. In no time her moans were getting louder and and her breath getting short as her juices were running down on my cock.
After she came I asked if it was alright if I could cum in her mouth. And with out hesitation she started stroking my cock and in no time at all I was shooting my huge load in her mouth. I love it when she lets me do this, It is such a big turn on because it only happens once in a while.
So I must say that this Saturday night was amazing. I was allowed to fuck Rachel and play video games at the same time lol.
And now I will leave you with a funny video clip of a guy that takes video games way to serious.

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