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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

TMI Tuesday

Would you rather.....

1. A relaxing vacation or an adventurous trip?

I would have to say a relaxing vacation. Rachel and I never went on a honey moon so it would be nice one day to take her on one.

2. Get a perfect nights sleep or have amazing sex?

The sex is already amazing sex. I get all light headed and ears ring everytime. So i would have to say a goodnights sleep.

3. Be intimate with the lights on or off?

Lights On. I love to look into Rachel's beautiful eyes and I love to watch her facial expressions.

4. Your S/O be a terrible kisser who could always make you orgasm or an amazing kisser who could never make you orgasm?

a terrible kisser.

5. Date someone much younger or much older than you?

Older. Rachel is older than me. Im still just a baby lol

Bonus (as in optional): Which reality show would you be good at? Why?
I dont really watch reality tv. but if i did it would probably have to be some sort of cooking like iron chef or food challenge. I know this is pretty boring.

Answered by Evan

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