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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

TMI Tuesday #221- Would You Rather...

Would you rather.....

1. Have eyes that always smile or a voice that makes people calm? I think I would rather have eyes that smile so I can draw the boys in lol

2. Have an affair and your partner catches you or your partner have an affair and you catch him/her? How about neither but if I had to choose I would rather have an affair because I am not a very forgiving person I would rather have the guilt of cheating then the place it on my spouse.

3. Have better sex or more money? MONEY our sex is AMAZING

4. Be able to read everyone’s mind all the time or always know the future? Read minds I am horrible at picking up on things

5. Your partner have sex with someone else or fall in love with someone else? Def have sex with someone else

Bonus (as in optional): What one thing, big or small, would you change in your life if granted one wish by a lamp-bound genie? Why? This is hard to choose I would ask that Evan's uncle was with us still he was very influential person in our life and would so anything to have him back . We miss and love you

here is a song by Weezer that we both enjoy.

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